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Seiko Stopwatches Feature Page

Seiko is one of the leading brand of stopwatches.  Their stopwatches include many features including start and stop, lap/split, memory and much more.  Seiko also has event stopwatches that include a printer stopwatch combination or a stopwatch that can be connected to a printer.

Seiko DM50 Metronome
Seiko DM50

Seiko W073 Stopwatch
Seiko W073
8 Memory Stopwatch

Seiko S056 Stopwatch
Seiko S056
100 Lap Stopwatch
Sale $76.95

Seiko S057 Stopwatch
Seiko S057
100 Lap Stopwatch
Countdown Timer
Sale $86.95

Seiko S058 Stopwatch
Seiko S058
100 Memory Backlight
Sale $116.95

Seiko S055 Stopwatch
Seiko S055
10 Memory Solar
Sale $116.95

Seiko S05A Decimal Stopwatch
Seiko S05A
100 Memory
Decimal Stopwatch

Seiko S321 Stopwatch
Seiko S321
Game Timer

Seiko S143 Stopwatch
Seiko S143
300 Memory Stopwatch

Seiko S351 Stopwatch 
Seiko S351
Multimedia Producer
Silent Stopwatch

Seiko S141 Stopwatch
Seiko S141
300 Memory Stopwatch

Seiko S149 Stopwatch Printer
Seiko S149
300 Lap Printer

Seiko SP12 Printer
Printer SP12
For Seiko S143

Seiko S143 & PrinterSeiko S143 & Printer
Seiko S143 and SP12

Seiko S23549JA Paper extender
Seiko S23549JA
Paper Extender

Seiko KT-601 Scoreboard
Seiko KT-601



Seiko Gripswitch for Seiko S149
Gripswitch for Seiko S149

Seiko S950 Paper
Seiko S950
Box with 5 rolls

Seiko S951 Paper
Seiko S951
For uses with Paper
3 Roll to a box

Seiko KT-011 Caster Stand for Seiko KT-601
Seiko KT-011
Caster stand for Seiko KT-601

Seiko KT-032 Carrying Case
Seiko KT-032

Carrying case for Seiko KT601


Seiko KT601RC Extra Remote control for Seiko KT-601
Seiko KT601RC
Extra Remote Control
for Seiko KT601