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Millions of people have selected Robic and Oslo Stopwatches for over 26 years.  Robic is one of the most the most respected requested stopwatches nationwide.  They manufacture a quality stopwatch with many important features. 

Robic SC-512 Countdown Timer
 Robic SC-512
Simple Countdown Timer
Sale $11.95

Robic SC-522 Countup Countdown timer
Robic SC-522
Count-Up Countdown Timer
Sale $13.95

Robic SC-500E Stopwatch
Robic SC-500e
Simple Stopwatch

Robic SC501W Stopwatch
Robic SC-501W
Simple Lap Split Stopwatch
Sale $20.95


Robic SC502T Stopwatch
Robic SC-502T
Simply Countdown Timer
Sale $16.95

Robic SC505W Stopwatch
Robic SC-505W
5 Memory Stopwatch
Sale $21.95

Robic SC-606W Stopwatch
Robic SC-606W
30 Memory Stopwatch
with Countdown Timer
Sale $29.95


Robic SC-707W Stopwatch
Robic SC-707W
100 Memory Stopwatch
with 5 Countdown timers
Sale $34.95

Robic SC-848W Stopwatch
Robic SC-848W
300 Memory Stopwatch
with MPH Speed Feature
and Countdown Timer
Sale $49.95

Robic M-457 Clipboard Stopwatch
Robic M-457
Clipboard Stopwatch

Robic SC-577 Wristwatch Stopwatch
Robic SC-577
300 Memory Training
Diary Wristwatch

Robic SC-587 Wristwatch Stopwatch
Robic SC-587

Referee Game Timer

Robic E-5 Tally Counter
Robic E-5

Triple Pitch and
Tally Counter


Robic M-367 Tally Counter
Robic M-367

Pitch and Tally Counter


Robic M603 Table top timer
Robic M603
Table Top Timer
Count up/ Countdown Timer

Robic M703 Table top timer
Robic M703
Count up/Countdown Timers

Robic M803 Table top timer

Robic M803
Large Table top Timer

 Robic SC-636W Stopwatch

Robic SC-636W
30 Memory Heat Index