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SEIKO DM50- Metronome

Seiko DM50 Metronome
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The importance of the metronome for Chi Running and Chi Walking

Cadence is measured in strides per minute. In terms of energy efficiency, the metronome is a great way to maintain a sustained steady pace.

In Chi Running, your cadence always remains the same while your stride length changes relative to your speed. To become an efficient runner, one must learn to relax at one's optimal cadence while allowing the stride to lengthen or shorten as necessary.

Chi Walking uses the metronome to distinguish the three basic walking paces (strolling, aerobic and fitness). Each of the three different paces serves a very specific purpose in the Chi Walking fitness program, so it is important to have a way of knowing what your cadence is and how to keep it steady.

• Clips on to clothing or other objects.
• Tempo indicator: Motion LCD, plus 1 flashing red LED.
• Colors: Dark Blue or Silver.  
• Loud tone with a volume control (four steps of volume).
• Tempo range: 30~250 beats per minute.
• Memory function saves all settings. 
• Size: 2 1/4"H x 2"W x 1"D(including clip). 
• Battery- Lithium CR2025 - included.