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$70 and Up Priced Products

Seiko S056 Stopwatch
Seiko S056
100 Lap Stopwatch
Sale $76.95

Accusplit AX602M500DEC Stopwatch
Accusplit AX602M500DEC
500 Memory Decimal Stopwatch

Seiko GripSwitch
Gripswitch for Seiko S149

Seiko S057 Stopwatch
Seiko S057
100 Lap Stopwatch
Countdown Timer
Sale $86.95

Seiko S055 Stopwatch
Seiko S055
10 Memory Solar
Sale $116.95


Seiko S058 Stopwatch
Seiko S058
100 Memory Backlight
Sale $116.95

Seiko S321 Gaming timer

Seiko S321
Game Timer


Seiko S05A Stopwatch
Seiko S05A
100 Memory
Decimal Stopwatch

Ultrak 590 Sports Watch
Ultrak 590
Sports Watch


Accusplit G165S Grablab Analog Timer
Accusplit G165S
GraLab Analog Timer


Ultrak 499 Printer
Ultrak 499

Accusplit 8A20 Anaolog Decimal Stopwatch
Seiko 8A20
Digital Analog Stopwatch
Sale $179.95

Seiko S141 Stopwatch
Seiko S141
300 Memory Stopwatch

Seiko S143 Stopwatch
Seiko S143
300 Memory Stopwatch

Ultrak 499 Printer
Ultrak 499 Stopwatch
and Printer

Seiko S351 Stopwatch
Seiko S351
Multimedia Producer
Silent Stopwatch

Seiko SP12 Printer
Printer SP12
For Seiko S143

Ultrak T400 Display Timer
Ultrak T-400
Volleyball Scoreboard

Ultrak 498 Stopwatch
Ultrak 498
2000 Lap Stopwatch
with built in Printer

Seiko S149 Stopwatch
Seiko S149
300 Lap Printer

Ultrak T100 Display Timer
Ultrak T-100
Dispay Timer
Sale $409.00

Ultrak T200 Display Timer
Ultrak T-200
Shot Clock

Seiko S143 Stopwatch and Printer
Seiko S143 and SP12

Ultrak Multsport Display Timer
Ultrak Multisport
Display Timer

Ultrak T300 Display Timer
Ultrak T-300
Display Scoreboard